Static Storage Flexitanks

FlexAttack’s Static Storage Flexitanks have been used by the US Military, US Forest Service, and US Coast Guard.  We have also filled special orders from  Foreign Militaries in Colombia, Chile and Spain, among others.

Our Static Storage Flexitanks are perfect for storing fuels such as diesel, JP8, JP1, AV gas (aviation fuel), Diesel #2 and petrol. They can also be used for water, chemicals and/or foodstuffs – anything you might need at a remote job site.

Our Water and Fuel Static Storage Flexitanks have been used all over the world.  From Alaska for diesel both land and commercial fishing vessels to Kuwait and Iraq for fuel and water for ISAF efforts over to Afghanistan for the rebuilding of the Kabul Highway to the jungles of Colombia for the efforts against the FARC and Cartels!  FlexAttack can provide you with what you need for the mission at hand.

Easily transportable, lightweight, rapid deployment and 100% reliable.

  • The majority of FlexAttacks Static Storage Flexitanks are constructed using 33oz & 40+oz US Military Approved TPU coated fabrics all approved with US Mil Performance products.
  • Tan in color and with Nylon Scrim for strength and durability.
  • UV and Bacterial compounds.
  • Average life is 3-5 years of standard use.
  • All products to be stored in FlexAttacks Flexitanks MUST be approved by FlexAttack.
    • MSDS and Samples may be required.

Get your Bulk Water Flexitanks Today!!! Cost effective, easily shipped or transported to site.

Roll Out – Roll Up – rapid deployment, 2″ or 3″ fittings fill very quickly.

Example:  A 8,000 USG Flexitank can easily fit in the trunk of a mid-size sedan.  Multiple Flexitanks of 8,000+ can be packed into a SUV very simply.

POOL Water Storage when your pool needs repairs or service. Deploy a Flexitank save the water and pump back in when done! Easy and saves you the cost of the water, all the while conserving water.

We produce Flexitanks in a wide range of sizes

FAI Static Storage Flexitanks
500 USG
1,500 USG
3,000 USG
5,000 USG
8,000 USG
10,000 USG
15,000 USG
20,000 USG
25,000 USG
42,000 USG
50,000 USG
65,000 USG
75,000 USG
100,000 USG