Custom Fabrication

Over the last 20 years, FlexAttack has designed and fabricated many custom and propriety products. We have worked on small projects to large multi-national projects involving Government and Military. Our goal is to provide our customers a one stop shop that can provide multiple services and offerings.

We offer the following Fabrication Services to customers and friends:

Custom Erosion Control Bladder in use on a Florida beach.

Custom FlexAttack Erosion Control Bladder in use on a Gulf Coast Florida beach.

  1. Design and Engineering
  2. Prototyping
  3. Proof of Concept
  4. Testing/Quality Control
  5. Production
FlexAttack also provides in-house:
  • Metal Fabrication Welding: Steel, Aluminum & Stainless Cutting, CNC and Finish Work
  • Wood Working: Crate, Skidboard, Custom Pallet, framework
  • Testing Equipment and Test Rig Construction: We have built testing equipment and test rigs for Shell Oil, Ingredion, Boeing and the US Army among others.
We also outsource or contract with certified laboratories for various independent testing projects:
  • Material Compatibility – Chemical, Thermoplastic and General
  • Weld Strength Tests
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Military Specifications – Worldwide
  • Environmental and Performance
  • Aerial Delivery – NSRDEC / YPG