Company Capabilites & Innovations

FlexAttack is a full function company that can provide unique solutions to your fluid transport challenges. Our products and services cover a wide spectrum of markets: Food and Agriculture, Chemical, Petroleum, Industrial, Humanitarian and Military. FlexAttack Teams have worked in over 52 countries, in all types of environments and terrain. We offer technical field operations and complete training for all our products; anytime, anywhere. We build long term relationships with our customers and look at the “BIG” picture. We are here to serve you and provide you with unrivaled services, equipment and experience.

At FlexAttack, we work hard to provide the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your unique bulk transport and storage challenges or any other specialized needs.

  1. We can take on anything from small projects to large erosion control products, including artificial reefs.
  2. We’re flexible. Our entire production department can be rapidly reconfigured to ensure the most effective output and quality control.
  3. FlexAttack Products are easily and cost effectively shipped to global project sites.
  4. Technical & Operational Support directly from FlexAttack – not independent agents.
  5. Cost Effective Products whether it be Firefighting, Deep Sea Transport, bulk packaging & storage, or unique applications
  6. We stock and/or provide a wide range of equipment and multinational fittings for firefighting to refinery.
  7. Custom fittings can be manufactured to YOUR specifications.
  8. We can have repeat parts injected molded or turned via our machine shop.
  9. Specialists in Flexible Tanks – transport and static – 100 USG up to 100,000 USG!

FlexAttack Industry Innovations:

  • First company to 100% RF Flexitanks and have injection molded weld in fittings – in 2” and 3” sizes
  • First company to develop the bottom discharge valve Flexitank – in 2” and 3” sizes
  • First company to offer a high heat (210°F) Hot Load Flexitank
  • First company to offer Flexitanks for specific applications such as acid and fuel containment using innovative materials – saving customers time and money
  • PCADS – FlexAttack created the original Precision Containerized Aerial Delivery Fire Fighting System, the first and only ADS/CDS certified by the USAF/AMC for Military Transport Aircraft for Liquid Cargo
  • FAI Owner holds two US Patents for PCADS
  • FlexAttack developed a 100% Bio-degradable Polyurethane film exclusively for PCADS application.