FlexAttack can provide you the best Flexitank in the world for transport or storage solutions.  Highest Quality & Made in the USA!!!

Flexitank Applications:

Industry – Transport & Storage Solutions – Move more for less!!!

Agriculture – large tanks for fields and crops – where there is water there is life!!!

Homes – garden and drinking water

Fire Protection – the first thing gone in a major fire is water pressure and power. Be self contained with a FlexAttack FireAttack Home Defense Unit.

FlexAttack Flexitanks are 100% Radio Frequency Welded.

FAI Flexitank custom manufacturing

FAI manufactures flexitanks to your specifications.

For over 20 years FlexAttack has produced over 40,000 Flexitanks for various liquids and applications all over the world. FlexAttack specializes in Food Grade Flexitanks and Specialty Chemical Flexitanks. FlexAttack is unique compared to most other Flexitank companies today, we custom build the majority of Flexitanks and build specific to our customers needs and requirements. We 100% RF all of our equipment and use the highest grade engineered Thermoplastic Products – from 6mm films to heavy coated fabrics up to 60mm.  We specialize in Food and Chemical Grade Flexitanks. All materials are approved and proven over the last 18 years.

All FlexAttack Flexitanks are custom fabricated by our highly skilled and trained RF Technicians with the highest quality and best customer care in the industry.

Our Flexitanks have been all over the world from War Zones to Burning Man 2014!!!

We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best Flexitanks in the world, using only the highest quality materials and best welding methods in the industry.  We want you to succeed using our products, we support you 100% by building you the best in the business.  Try us out, give us a call and you will see that from that first contact, you know that you have a partner that has your best interest at heart.  We have 20+ year old business relationships, we have seen it all in 20 years of business, our experience and knowledge will provide you a peace of mind…  So call today for a free consultation!

Flexitank Options – Click here for all your needs!!!

New Development:

FlexAttack can now RF weld PE / PolyPro Products!!!!

Testing a new Flexitank at the FAI manufacturing facility.

Pressure testing a brand new Flexitank at FAI’s 43,000 ft2 manufacturing facility.

Standard FlexAttack Flexitank sizes are listed below:

Transport Storage
10,000 liter
14,000 liter
16,000 liter
18,000 liter
20,000 liter
22,500 liter
24,000 liter
500 USG
1,500 USG
3,000 USG
5,000 USG
8,000 USG
10,000 USG
15,000 USG
20,000 USG
25,000 USG
42,000 USG
50,000 USG
65,000 USG
75,000 USG
100,000 USG