Special Projects

Goodwill and Humanitarian Projects

LifeCube International FAI Supports Lifecube2010 – LifeCube International is introduced to FAI
The Life Cube is a self-sustained, rapid-deployment, sheltered delivery system. It has been designed to maximize the efficiency of command and control field operations in military and emergency deployments, provide field medical facilities, and shelter light expeditionary forces. Arriving in a 5′ hard-plastic cube, the unit is deployed by one or two people into a fully operational shelter in only 5 minutes. It is the only rapid deployment shelter in the market with an integrated, hard-surface raised floor and the solar-rechargeable power module makes the system completely grid-independent. Our goal is to change the way the world thinks about emergency response.
The Water Cache Project The Water Cache ProjectThe Water Cache Projectprovides water to firefighting helicopters battling wildfires. A camera system can spot wildfires up to 25 miles away and provide GPS coordinates and eyes on the blaze to fire agencies, allowing them to dispatch an appropriate response to the precise location within a matter of minutes. The capacity of the tanks (18,000 gallons) provides enough water for 50 loads on a Bell 412, 18 loads on a FireHawk, or 6 loads on an Erickson AirCrane. Water troughs also provide water to wildlife during drought conditions.
Safe Water International FAI supports Safe Water InternationalSafe Water Internationalis a Non-Profit Organinzation whose mission is provide Safe Drinking Water to ALL. FAI supports SWI and has helped SWI by donating potable tanks for SAFE drinking water, rain collection and filteration systems for those in need. We will continue to support SWI and LIFECUBE in loving memory of the Great Humantarian and Entreprener ROWLAND “ROLY” HUNT (1913-2012). Also in memory of Brian T. Lukasiewicz – 1975-2007. Friend, Brother and Colleauge. God’s Blessings and Good Will to All…

Chronological Highlights

Tyson Seafood 1996 – Tacoma, WA & Dutch Harbor, AK
FAI contracted 3 weeks before fishing season to build 6 custom fuel tanks for 2 Commercial Fishing Vessels to extend range and increase catch numbers. The concept was to install the fuel tanks into the ballast tanks of the vessels and burn the diesel enroute to the fishing grounds in the Bering Sea. FAI used a special coated fabric that had never been field tested in such an environment. The material was unique as it was designed to be salt water and fuel compatible which is a very challenging aspect, as well as being RF weldable. FAI had 21 days to design, build and install these 6 large tanks. One vessel we had to build 2 custom tanks that contain 26,000USG of Diesel and the other vessel we had to build 4 custom tanks containing 13,000 USG each. Each tank was one of kind due to the position of the fill and discharge ports. FAI staff assisted with the installation on the vessels in Tacoma, worked with the Coast Guard on approval and flew to Dutch Harbor upon the vessels arrival to inspect and assist crews with refueling and removal from ballasts. Due to the successful operation of the tanks, these two vessels caught more fish than any other season due to the range and capability to stay at sea longer.
JF Hillebrand Group 1998 – Designed and built the first custom JFH Flexitank
PRC 1998 – First legal bulk shipment of wine into the Peoples Republic of China using an FAI Flexitank
Chemcrete / Louis Berger Project 2000 – Kabul Highway, Afghanistan
FAI provided over 200 custom transport Flexitanks for a special asphalt strengthen additive. We also provided 25 – 25,000USG storage tanks for storage of additive upon arrival in Afghanistan for the project sites along the highway rebuild.
Kellogg Brown and Root 2003 – Operation Iraqi Freedom
FAI provided 25-50,000USG JP8 and 25- 50,000 Water Static Storage Tanks for tank farms in Kuwait and Iraq prior to the invasion. ALL FAI tanks performed without issue and received accolades for design and workmanship from US Army officials in theater.
International Red Cross 2004 – India Earthquake
FAI donated 25-5,000USG Static Potable Water Tanks to the International Red Cross for humanitarian efforts.
Air National Guard 2004 – 144th Fighter Wing, F-16 Fuel Tank Cover Contract
FAI designed and fabricated over 100 custom auxiliary fuel tank covers for the Air National Guard’s F-16 Fighters.
The State of Florida 2004 – FAI custom Coastal Erosion Tubes for the State of Florida
FAI built and delivered 12 custom erosion control tubes. Each tube was a complex unit that measured over 100’ in length, 30’ in width, 15’ tall and had over 3,000 linear feet of RF weld. Each unit weighed over 3,500 pounds of material.
Colombian Ministry of Defence 2005 – FAI awarded Fuel and Water Tank Contract
Liquid Force 2006 – FAI built a custom one million gallon pool for Liquid Force Wakeboard Company’s “Wakeboard Summer Tour”
Wakeboard Demo 2006 – FAI built a very large multi-level custom liner/pool for the Pomona Boat Show
Wakeboard Demo 2007 – FAI built a very large custom liner/pool for Ted Hall Boat Show San Diego, CA
Roadracing World 2007 – FAI contracted to build multiple Safety Barriers for Roadracing World Action
US Army 2009 – PCADS debut at Yuma Proving Ground
US Army and FAI debut PCADS at PATCAD 2009. First time that PCADS is air dropped at Yuma Proving Ground. PATCAD 2009 – largest ever allied military and government airdrop technology event to date, more than 25 cargo airdrop and personnel parachutes to be demonstrated. Over 25 countries were represented by more than 500 attendees. PCADS debuted before a 500’ AGL observation tent with over 300 people from around the world.
US Army 2009 – Awarded PCADS / US Army Contract for testing and certification of PCADS
British Petroleum 2010 – Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
FAI produced over 200,000 linear feet of oil boom under contract for the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
USAF 2012PCADS receives certification from USAF/AMC: C-130H/J & C-17