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Since 1995, FAI has produced 30,000+ Flexitanks for various liquids and applications worldwide. FAI specializes in Food Grade and Specialty Chemical Flexitanks and offers a one stop Flexitank shop providing multiple services and products. We 100% RF all of our equipment and use high grade engineered Thermoplastic Products – from 6mm films to heavy coated fabrics up to 60mm.

FAI’s PCADS is the ONLY liquid containing aerial delivery (AD) system approved and certified by the USAF. PCADS is a safe, effective and proven tool, ready for Fire Fighting Operations and Deployment Worldwide. PCADS has been designed to be a multi-function tool for its users, aerial fire fighting is the primary application. Secondary applications for PCADS have been tested as well; including oil spill response, homeland security and threat suppression.

For the last 18 years, FAI has designed and fabricated many custom and propriety products. We have worked on small projects to large multinational projects involving Governments and Militaries. FAI is unique compared to most other Flexitank companies today; we custom build the majority of Flexitanks specific to our customers' needs.

In Los Angeles, we have staff, equipment and gear trucks to immediately handle any job that we are called to service. We have two rail site facilities just miles from the Los Angeles and Long Beach harbors with over 100 rail car positions to serve you. FAI can transload from rail car to Flexitank, Tank Truck or Storage tanks. We are capable of transloading five rail cars (20 Flexitanks) per day.

Based on the product and application, we can specifically fabricate tanks to suit your project requirements – i.e. weather, application, fittings, design. We can fabricate Flexitanks for basically any type of liquid, from lubricants to corn syrup to fuels. Based on the scope of your needs, we will recommend the most cost effective and efficient style of Flexitank for your needs. We also outsource or contract with certified laboratories for various independent testing projects.