Flexitank Options

We can fabricate a flexible container for your specific needs. Over the years we have fabricated many custom tanks that others wouldn’t or couldn’t.  We have built custom Flexitanks for reefers, 40′ & 53′ containers, fuel tanks for airplanes and commercial fishing vessels.

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Transport FlexitanksStatic Storage FlexitanksCustom Flexitanks
Standard 20' 24KL Flexitank

Standard 20′ 24KL Flexitank

FAI Transport Flexitanks

FlexAttack Transport Flexitanks have been tried and tested over the last two decades.  We utilize a wide range of durable and environmentally friendly materials that have proven reliable after years of use for specific commodities and trade lanes.

You can select from the following styles:

  1. Standard BVU2”
    2” bottom valve unit w/ 2” center vent
  2. Hybrid
    2” bottom valve unit and 2” top load w/ 2” center vent
  3. Traditional
    2” top load valve unit w/ 2” center vent
  4. BVU 3”
    3” bottom valve unit w/ 2” center vent
  5. Re-usable Flexitanks
    We can build you your own custom fleet of Heavy Duty Reliable Flexitanks
  6. Custom Flexitanks
    We’ll create whatever you need for your project!

We have 3 options for Transport Flexitanks.

1. 20′ ISO Containers Transport Flexitanks are as follows:
  • 10,000 Liter   Specifically for TIO2 and Drilling Agents that have high SG weights on average 14lbs to 19lbs per USG.  Approved by DuPont
  • 12,000 Liter    Again heavy drilling agents
  • 16,000 Liter    Standard Fructose or Sucrose Flexitank – 3″ Bottom Load w/ Heater Pad – Food Approved as well Approved By Coca-Cola and PepsiCo
  • 18,000 Liter    Juices and Concentrates – Food Approved –
  • 22,000 Liter    Standard Commodity Flexitank
  • 24,000 Liter    Standard Commodity Flexitank – Lubes and Bulk Wine – Standard NET Load 48-52,000 lbs dependent on tractor trailer weights.
40' 48KL Flexitank under pressure test

40′ 48KL Flexitank under pressure test

2. 40′ ISO Container Flexitanks

Convert 40′ Cans into large static storage tanks for temporary bulk storage solutions:  Easy to ship and re-locate – when not in use, Flexitank can be rolled up and container used for storage or whatever and when you need bulk liquid storage, install Flexitank and load with up 14,000 Gallons of product!!!

  • 24,000 Liter – transport – long and low – small bulkhead and possible harness system –
  • 30,000 Liter – Static Storage
  • 48,000 Liter – Static Storage
3. Truck Bed  & Dry Van Flexitanks – 40′, 48′ & 53′ trailers – Haul dry and liquid goods with your fleet!

FlexAttack can fabricate custom flatbed or standard dry van Fleixtanks that can be re-used multiple times and approved for all kinds of products from lubes to wines to specialty chemicals.

FAI Static Storage Flexitanks

FlexAttack’s Static Storage Flexitanks have been used by the US Military, US Forest Service, and US Coast Guard.  We have also filled special orders from  Foreign Militaries in Colombia, Chile and Spain, among others.

10000gal storage flexitank

Our Static Storage Flexitanks are perfect for storing fuels such as diesel, JP8, JP1, AV gas (aviation fuel), Diesel #2 and petrol. They can also be used for water, chemicals and/or foodstuffs – anything you might need at a remote job site.

  • The majority of FlexAttacks Static Storage Flexitanks are constructed using 33oz & 40+oz US Military Approved TPU.
  • Tan in color and with Nylon Scrim for strength and durability.
  • Average life is 3-5 years of standard use.
  • All products to be stored in FlexAttacks Flexitanks MUST be approved by FlexAttack.
    • MSDS and Samples may be required.

We produce Flexitanks in a wide range of sizes

Custom FAI Flexitanks in a wide variety of sizes.

FAI Static Storage Flexitanks
500 USG
1,500 USG
3,000 USG
5,000 USG
8,000 USG
10,000 USG
15,000 USG
20,000 USG
25,000 USG
42,000 USG
50,000 USG
65,000 USG
75,000 USG
100,000 USG

FAI Custom Flexitanks

Call today for your next Flexitank!

Call FlexAttack today for your next Flexitank!

All FlexAttack Flexitanks are built to order and are Customer Specific. 2″ or 3″ options along with different selections of Approved Thermoplastics based on project needs and applications ranging from 18 oz to 60 oz, as well as films from 6mm and non-traditional coated fabrics such as Kevlar and Nomax.

FlexAttack has over a dozen approved materials for all kinds of liquids from standard lube oil to fuels to acids. 

We can build tanks that others can’t or won’t, we can Attack your Bulk Liquid Needs with FlexAttack Innovations…