FlexAttack’s Fire Fighting Kit

At FlexAttack, we are always thinking “outside” the box (despite our PCADS design!) to combat the ever growing threat of Wild Fires and other ecological or man made threats to humanity.  Current methodologies need to be updated to embrace new technology along with new tactics to gain the upper hand against ever-growing threats.  Wild fire incidents are on the rise not only in the U.S., but world-wide.  Old tactics are proving insufficient to efficiently combat super hot blazes that overwhelm normal aerial water drops.

From Air to Ground, FlexAttack’s FireAttack Products are the right solution for you!  Training & Fire Defense Systems…

FDU Fire Defense UnitFireAttack Equipment

Home / Farm Fire Defense Equipment:

  • Flexitanks  – water bladders for vehicles and properties
  • Home Defense Systems
  • Pump, Fire Hose, Gel, Flexitank & Cart
  • Pumps and Fire Hoses / Reels – Pool Water –
  • Water Enhancers – Gels and Foams
  • Specialized Nozzles
  • Wildland Firefighting Equipment

Pump-Pod – DRAFTS Unit – Training KIMG1061

  • Engineer Training Unit
  • Drafting, Pumping & Multi-Hose Line Exercises
  • 1,500& 3,400 gallon capacity units
  • Mobile & Static Units are available
  • Water Conservation & Recycling – Saves Millions of Gallons of Water
  • www.PumpPodUSA for more details or email Ty direct

Fire Fighting BRUSH / Patrol Trucks:

  • FlexAttack fabricates custom firefighting patrol truck equipment Fire Express Partol
  • High Pressure Water Saving Technology – Custom Units
  • Custom 4×4 Brush Trucks, Water Tenders & Kit…
  • Contact Ty direct for these custom systems…
  • WASP Technology


FlexAttack through Fire Suppression International can provide a wide array of turnkey operations.

  • Flight Crews, Ground Crews, Operations Support Teams
  • PCADS and Fire Fighting
  • VIP Services, Training, Testing, Transport, etc…

For specific aircraft please inquire. We represent over 60 years of combined team experience in the aerospace world on multiple platforms.